Workforce Development Training

Strategies for career services professionals helping job-seekers with barriers to employment. This course features 25+ interactive & engaging modules on career counseling and resume writing strategies. Counselors will learn how to:

  • Prepare Clients for Positive Change

    Learn the basics of Motivational Interviewing to quickly establish trust with your clients, and to build a foundation for a career change.

  • Help Clients Market Themselves to Employers

    Get insights from a professional resume writer to help your clients present their best selves to hiring managers and get past Applicant Tracking Systems.

  • Overcome Career Gaps & Challenges

    Work with clients to navigate career hurdles like employment gaps, ageism, criminal justice histories and special circumstances. We can help all clients to shine in their job search!

Course outline

    1. Getting started

    2. A Career Coach in the Field: Meet John

    3. Feedback survey

    1. 2.1. What is your role?

    2. 2.2. Coaching Styles: To Do or Not to Do?

    3. Quiz: Multiple choice questions

    4. Resources: What is Motivational Interviewing and why does it matter?

    5. Chapter 2: Summary and Resources

    6. Feedback survey

    1. 3.1. Resistance in Resume Writing

    2. 3.2. Introduction to Resume as a Marketing Tool

    3. 3.3. Formatting Strategies

    4. Quiz: True or False

    5. 3.4. Tips on Resume Formatting

    6. 3.5. How to Develop Action-Driven Resume Bullets

    7. 3.6. What is SPARL framework?

    8. 3.7. Using Active Verbs in Resume Writing

    9. Quiz: Write an Action-Driven Bullet Point

    10. 3.8. Telling Your Client's Story

    11. Resources: List of Skills and Expertise

    12. Activity: Spotting Skills in Job Postings

    13. 3.9. What is a Career Profile?

    14. Activity: Complete a Career Profile

    15. Chapter 3: Summary and Resources

    16. Feedback survey

    1. 4.1. Making the Most of Client's Education & Training

    2. 4.2. Expanding Limited Education into the Resume

    3. Quiz: Framing Educational Experience in a Resume

    4. Chapter 4: Summary and Resources

    5. Feedback survey

    1. 5.1. Clients with Limited Work Experience

    2. Quiz: Showcasing Personal Interests in a Resume

    3. 5.2. Clients with Employment Gaps

    4. 5.3. Career Transitions

    5. A Job-Seeker in Transition: Meet Lauren

    6. Quiz: Recommending Career Strategies to Clients

    7. Chapter 5: Summary and Resources

    8. Feedback survey

    1. 6.1. Mature Job-seekers

    2. Quiz: Recommend Career Strategies to Mature Job-seekers

    3. 6.2. Job-seekers with Special Needs

    4. Quiz: Recommending Career Strategies to Job-seekers with Special Needs

    5. 6.3. Justice System Involvement in the Resume

    6. Quiz: Recommending Strategies to Job-seekers with Justice System Involvement History

    7. Chapter 6: Summary and Resources

    8. Feedback survey

About this course

  • $395.00
  • 46 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Make Change Today

Expand your career counseling skills and make a difference in the lives of your clients! Developed by a 15+ year workforce development expert, this course features interactive exercises, quizzes, video modules and supplemental resources. Learn how to expertly navigate a successful job search with even the most challenging clients.

About Andrea Gerson

As one of the top-ranked resume writers in the country, Andrea Gerson has crafted impactful hiring materials for over 7,500 clients – many of who have gotten hired at organizations like Google, Facebook, Apple and the United Nations. 

Andrea’s superpower is helping those who have difficulty marketing themselves to capture employers’ attention. As a social worker and non-profit trainer, she spent six years in the New York City non-profit workforce development sector, directly coaching hundreds of participants from high-need communities and underserved backgrounds to take their next professional steps. 

Andrea has taught classes for workforce program participants and career development staff on topics such as job search strategies, interview preparation and navigating workplace conflict. Andrea brings a strengths-based, client-centered perspective, and her work is an extension of her commitment to addressing the opportunity gap.